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How Social Media Has Become The Face For Brands?

The fact that social media has taken over the marketing world is no news but becoming the only face for large and small brands is a new challenge that is about to change the world. Some decades ago the huge impact of Facebook and then other platforms like Instagram and such made the marketing (human relations and emotions) world a different one almost overnight. Read on and see how that happened in such little time.

Getting Rid Of The Middle Man

The middle man used to be the gatekeeper that granted brands the access to the great means of communication distributing their message to the masses. There was no way around the middle man, either you had the money to turn the key or you were looking inside through the bars of the door. The term “going viral” changed that equation forever. There still is a middle man because Adidas spends on social media advertising monthly the money, we will never make in ten lives but there is a way around it. Content is the new shortcut; content is the new star. Social media got rid of the middle man in the traditional way.

Pure Taboo – Controversies Sell

Logo of Pure TabooExactly. The more controversial content you have the more audience it will bring. While it’s not always wanted you can be sure that’s the main point of producing adult content these days. Take a look at example of Pure Taboo – controversial network of full-length movies where man’s darkest fantasies are coming true. And we are talking about some real taboo being broken.

The Open-Door Policy

The open-door policy means that we all get to post in the same place. Social media´s door is opened for everyone who wants to join in at the same time. Whether you are a musician, poet, writer, designer, fashion company you can create a fan page for $0. What happens with your content and promotions afterwards is a different story.

New Business Niches

Because of the absence of the middle man (traditionally speaking) and the open-door policy, new business niches have opened for those willing to take the chances.

  • Those who have gone so deep into social media that can assist others in how to make the most out of it.
  • Designers, writers and photographers have gone full-on into social media style, sizes and needs.
  • People with many followers that represents brands in exchange of money, goods or other favors.

These business niches didn´t exist 20 years ago, but now are on high demand.

Influence Audiences

Image, lifestyle and fame influence audiences. Although it is an old formula, it has been revamped by social media because Instagrammers don´t sell an image, they sell a lifestyle. For example, if you create a super amazing poster and put it on the back of every bus in town but when the bus goes by people is looking at their cellphone screen, you´re throwing your money away. Influencers are those who give new face, style and freshness to some brands by portraying their products in their accounts. In exchange, we´re talking about six zeros for the Instagrammer and huge audience for the company.

A New Era Of Branding

This combination of easy, immediate and close access for the consumers and no middle man for the companies has led the marketing world to a new era of branding. Playing a new game with old rules is a recipe for disaster. What are the biggest brands doing about it? They are investing wisely in young people who know the new game inside out because they played it since it came out. This decision (driven by the above reasons) is why social media is the new face for brands.


Decades of learning the old way went into the trashcan when the new way was invented. The new way was social media and it changed the world as we know it. What will happen in the future? We shall see, but it surely be awesome.