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My Story

It’s now time to give a description of who I am and what I represent. Hey, guys! So, who am I, that is indeed a question, which yields many possible results. All of which would be far too great to list in one book, never mind one short biography.

However, as far as who I think I am, I am a somewhat fanatic, when it comes to anything related to entertainment and media. I believe, that we live in a world, which does not recognise the importance of these two aspects of our everyday lives. Slowly, I am trying to build recognition to how mentally, physically, and environmentally both media and entertainment have a large impact.

There are many who mistakenly believe that I am an expert on anything related to the media, or entertainment. Do I know when the radio was invented? Sure. Do I know who the first ever actor was? not a clue! However, is anyone really an expert. We are all just explorers following our passion.

Through the development of this blog, this specific purpose was what I had in mind. I wish to aid those who have similar outliers to me, similar passions to see the media industry thrive, and to understand the dark conflicts between various aspects in the media and entertainment markets.

There is no way to summarise these markets into any one specific word. We can say they are worldly in the way that they play an impact on everyone. This is something that not many people realise. Admittedly, I myself was not aware of how big this specific variable impacted my life until I was told to pay attention to it, and now I am trying to get my readers to do the same thing.

In my opinion, there is no successor in this industry. It will always thrive. Individuals are always looking for a way to chill, do something fun to pass the boredom or listen to some music. This industry, I can confidently say, is one of the few industries I have experienced, that is virtually immortal.

As something is immortal, it needs to be recognised. Due to the fact that it was an invention of man, it should be understood, it should be developed, and improved so as to better entertain each one of us and our specific needs.

This is the last part of my goal through reaching out via these articles. To help people, no matter age, demographics, region, or any other attributes to recognise the importance of media and entertainment, and to help change it, nurture it, and grow it into something more beautiful than it is already.