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History Of United States Media Regulations On Ownership

Media regulations merely refer to the control of mass media productions as well as the distribution of the same. This may be achieved through the enforcement of various laws by a government or any other bodies with the jurisdiction to do so. The use of certain special rules or procedures may also play a huge role in as far as the regulation of the media is concerned. In general, media regulations are aimed at influencing the press, private radio and television stations. With the coming of the internet and various storage devices, media regulations now extend to the control of the internet and the various methods that are used to distribute media productions. Media regulations have various sides to them. An aspect of regulating the media is related to ownership. This is mainly aimed at safeguarding the interests of the proprietor. One country with an interesting history of media regulations on ownership is the US. Here is a summary of this interesting history.

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Formation Of The FCC

Media regulations of ownership in the US took a different turn following the introduction of the Federal Communications Commission, FCC. It is the body that was introduced to take over media regulations with an extensive focus on communication, freedom of the press as well as protecting the rights of the creators of various media productions. The body was formed in 1934 to replace the Federal Radio Commission after it became apparent that the Radio Commission had become outdated.

Today, the FCC is also responsible for regulating media content as well as all forms of communication across the US including the internet and radio stations.

Prior To The Days Of The FCC And The FRC

Before the establishment of the FCC and the FRC, the US relied on the 1912 Radio Act to regulate media regulations on ownership. But, this was not enough to meet the demands of general public and the corporate world. This led to the formation of the Federal Radio Commission in 1926.