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Interesting Facts and comparisons about the Popularity of TV /Radio/ internet

Televisions are being watched in homes, for at least 7 and half hours a day, on an average in the USA. Before attaining teen age, the average kid gets to know about thousands of violence news from television in its life time. More than 90 percent of the homes in the USA do have a television as well as the DVD player too.

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The number of hours spent in school by a child in the country is lesser compared to the number of hours that is spent in front of the television sets. Now interestingly the trend has changed in the recent times quite a bit. Thanks to the internet and the gaming consoles which share a major portion of the above mentioned stats today.

The number of hours that a kid spends in front of their online gaming consoles is considerably increasing every year. It is not just the kids alone, but the adults are also spending higher amount of time in front of the online gaming consoles. For travelling long distances, most of the time they find the radios and the DVD players to be of best assistance. Listening to high quality music becomes a best companion while driving across borders of states. Within city, you can use the radio news, as best updates without having to use any special devices or having to read any newspapers. Sometimes, the traffic updates in the urban cities through radios are so useful enough for the drivers to listen constantly to these updates amidst the interesting songs that are played as well.

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Apart from the radio and the television shows, online gambling options are quite fascinating for a minority segment. Favorite machine and favorite game means you are playing in your home ground. You are having all the advantages of using your own tips and tactics to your best convenience. Moreover there are some superstitions too. For these addicts some of the myths do seriously work wonders on their favor most of the times as they do believe so. There might not be any logical or technical foolproof evidences to clarify the idea behind it or science behind it but it works for them and as long as it works they are happy to follow it as well.

Web has an edge

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