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Cable TV May Be On Its Deathbed but The Tale Will Survive

Back in the day, cable was a novelty. In fact, back in the day even black and white entertained consumers. However, nowadays the entertainment and media market has exploded, and directly proportionate to this, so as the expectations of consumers.

However, despite all the pop-up streaming sites, cable is still clinging to the market, how long will it be able to sustain its virtually non-existent competition, well that no one knows. However, perhaps, there will be an innovative idea for Cable providers to provide viable competition, rather than die out.

Main Reasons Why Cable TV Is Slowly Dying Out

The newest trend in society is the ability to make use of online streaming platforms. One of the most used examples of this is Netflix, which is the number one mediaplatform throughout the United States.

As more of these streamingplatforms pop-up from various competitors, consumers are slowly switching out old-fashioned trends, all of this means slowly dying out numbers for Cable TV providers.

Another problem that Cable TV faces, almost everyone born from the 90’s and prior is well aware of. This issue is namely redundant channels, in a package of 300 channels, you might watch a maximum of 20, yet you are forced to pay for all the extras. Why do this instead of buying a subscription to all the best shows available, that is the average consumers thinking, which is leading to the death of Cable TV?

Why Streaming Platforms Have The Edge Over Cable TV

Cable TV is great, for surfing through random programs when bored, no one denies that. However, with the growing number of Americans entitled to a decent active internet connection, there is a much wider range of subscriptions that consumers can choose from.

The reason that this is a large influence on the demise of the Cable, is the fact that many of these subscriptions, come at a much more affordable price tag (we can testify for this), and you won’t have useless channels that you are not interested. Instead, you will be granted a wide range of various movies, series, and with competitors such as Amazon, music streaming platforms to choose from

I don’t know about you, but I personally believe having shows, and movies that I am actually interested in watching is way better than surfing through repeats, and channels that bore you. Although surfing cable is great when bored, it’s not as great as putting your favorite series on and as Netflix states, spending a day with “Netflix And Chill.”

However, Cable is not a completely bad deal, there is just too much competition swamping the media markets, leaving it starving for more subscribers. There is a way for Cable TV to survive the onslaught in the market, but to do this, they need to find a way to remain relevant in comparison to their various competitors.